A Brief Analysis of “Silver Wolf’s Gyatt for Gyatt”  (2024)

This analysis was requested via Discord. I guess I take commissions now.

Gyatt for Gyatt is a parody of the song Band 4 Band by Central Cee and Lil Baby. The parody was written by user @rizz.records. Silver Wolf’s Gyatt for Gyatt, which is the topic of this analysis, is a cover of Gyatt for Gyatt by user @StrawberrySana, performing the song in a cadence similar to the character Silver Wolf from the video game Honkai:Star Rail. Gyatt for Gyatt, released June 5th 2024, contains an excessive amount of internet “zoomer” lingo; we would generally call it highly “brainrotted”. In this brief analysis I will break down the song to make it understandable for all. Hopefully, the reader will gain either a newfound appreciation for the new generation of humanity or a desire to stuff a loaded shotgun into their mouth.

The instrumentation of the song, in my opinion, is nothing exceptionally noteworthy. It’s a fairly standard backing track for rap, with highly bassy and powerful beats to put emphasis on certain syllables. As is the case with most rap, the real meat is in the lyrics and delivery. The original Gyatt for Gyatt uses an AI voice mixer to sound very similar to Central Cee, the singer of Band 4 Band, but Silver Wolf’s version is rendered by StrawberrySana. So Silver Wolf’s Gyatt for Gyatt is a human-voiced parody of an AI-voiced parody of a Band 4 Band.

Luckily, rizz.records has kindly provided a lyrics video for us (linked above) so I only need to listen to the song like twice to write this. It should be noted that Gyatt for Gyatt is only slightly over a minute long, while Band 4 Band is 2 minutes long. This is likely because Gyatt for Gyatt is intended to be sung purely within the bounds of one TikTok clip, which cannot hold the attention span of the average brainrotted zoomer for more than a minute – ergo the song cannot be much longer than a minute lest the zoomer clicks away.

The following is a dissection of the lines of the song with the author’s commentary and notes. It will include definitions of zoomer slang before analysis.

> I’m not gonna goon cause my edge delayed

So I jelqed like a skibidi and deez nuts cooking up on the ocky way

goon – to edge for an extremely prolonged period, usually a few hours, to multiple tabs, windows or monitors of p*rnography

jelqed – a set of penis stretching exercises intended to make the dick bigger

skibidi – a reference to “skibidi toilet”.

ocky – a style of sandwich making in New York where large amounts of meat is stuffed into the sandwich (from Wikitionary)

In the first line the persona intends to assert that they are merely edging and not gooning, but this is contradicted quickly in the second line where the persona says they jelqed in an ocky way, implying that they care a lot for their penis, and the listener cannot put much faith in the assertion that they were merely edging and not gooning. It can alternatively be interpreted as a declaration that their co*ck is so large that training and practice is required to be able to handle it, thus the reference to the ocky way. This, however, does not change the credibility of the persona, i.e they’re still highly unreliable and future lines should be analysed with this in mind.

> Looksmaxing on my mewing streak everyone in my squad and my streamers paid

Whys my man talking bout sigma life, no rizz, cause he got no play

Whys my man drinking a grimace shake?

Looksmaxing – verb, to chase physical attractiveness through any means necessary, often devoting a huge amount of time and resources to gaining and maintaining it

mewing – a technique that supposedly achieves a better jawline

sigma – a reference to the “sigma male” lifestyle

rizz – (noun) charisma | (verb) to charm or seduce

grimace shake – a McDonalds promotion that went viral on TikTok

In these lines, the persona is insulting the opponent by accusing them of looksmaxing, and that they’re talking about being a successful sigma male despite not having any charisma to back up their claims. The first line appears to be spoken from the opponents perspective, mocking them and their squad by parodying them.

The line about the “grimace shake” appears to be ham-fisted into the song merely to match the meter of Band 4 Band and will be ignored. It’s likely that rizz.records simply wanted to fit as many TikTok trends, new or old, into the lyrics for maximum search engine optimization.

>Gyatt but you know that it’s fake

Thunder thighs and a slu*tty waist

gyatt – refers to a big ass. formerly known as a “dump truck” in ancient times.

The persona is asserting that the opponent’s gyatt is fake (achieved by surgery).

> We can gyatt for gyatt, f*ck that, we can go rizz for rizz

19 bucks for the fortnite card, double pump with the fanum tax

19 buck fortnite card – reference to an old meme.

double pump – strategy in the video game Fortnite where one would carry two pump shotguns and switch between them to bypass the normally slow fire rate of one pump shotgun.

fanum tax – generally means to steal food from a friend

The persona challenges the opponent to a battle of whose ass is bigger, but then escalates the challenge to who has more charisma outside of their physical looks. The second line, similar to the grimace shake line, is largely irrelevant outside of keeping the meter.

>I got the aura, the sigma, the ligma, and livvy she says I got rizz

It’s got to the point that I don’t even care, i got drip in the shop that I don’t even wear

aura – similar to power level from Dragon Ball, a “measure” of charisma

ligma – ligma balls lol

livvy – referring to singer Livvy Dunne, the joke is that she “seduced a 10 year old

drip – good-looking clothes

This is a standard boast. The persona is saying that they’re very successful in life.

> Uh, unc’ll do it for some twitchy donos, you’ll see what he’ll do for a blumpkin

Kai cenat look like he buggin, he calling up tyla, scrolling through memories

twitchy donos – donations on Twitch.tv, a streaming platform

blumpkin – the act of receiving a blowj*b whilst sh*tting

kai cenat, tyla – tiktok personalities

While these lines imply that the “opponents” of the song are Kai cenat and tyla, I think they just happened to be trending at the time and so were inserted into the song for engagement. Otherwise, the lines are just the persona calling the opponent desperate and lame.

>She made me wanna goon harder, I like her skibussy, I think I’m obsessed with her

They knocked him down on his respawn, did him the sus way, he had a death wish

-ussy – suffix attached to things for comedic effect, referring to the puss* of the thing

(in this case, the “skibussy” means the puss* of the aforementioned skibidi)

sus – amogus

To “knock him down on his respawn” is a battle-royale term akin to spawncamping. The persona is entirely ignoring the opponent and is talking about a woman who the persona finds attractive. To be frank I have no idea why the second line exists nor how it fits into the song. In some sense this is emblematic of zoomer humor – enigmatic, yet for some reason, “funny”.

>e-date with my discord kitten (UWU)

She a furry don’t leave me bitten

This reveals that the woman who the persona was just thirsting over is their discord kitten, and that their discord kitten is a furry.

>You the type like to type as a streamer

Got a mask, but you ain’t no dreamer (haha)

The persona is saying that the opponent likes to think that they’re a streamer but are actually a nobody. The second line is a reference to the successful YouTuber Dream, who famously is depicted with a mask. The persona says that the opponent has a hugely inflated ego and thinks that they’re fake (wearing the mask), yet are clearly not as successful as Dream. This would actually be an insanely good diss on it’s own if it didn’t come together with the rest of this stupid f*cking song. Like, the usage of “type” twice in the same line but with different meanings is not really unusual, but it’s a welcome departure from the rest of the song. And the mask line is unironically really good with the double meaning of the opponent being a fraud on top of comparing them to Dream, like, yeah the Dream reference is just to farm engagement, but it’s done in a clever and subtle way, because it still works outside of the Dream reference. If we didn’t know who Dream was, the flow is still good! Like, okay, sure, “streamer” and “dreamer” isn’t exactly the hardest bar to hit but it’s not out of place, get what I mean? See, that’s why I’m so attracted to sh*tty media, it’s because a rare ray of brilliance just shines through the garbage once an eon and it’s always amazing when it does that. Anyways… ugh, let’s wrap up the rest of the garbage.

>Top ten, but she don’t act goated

Emergency meeting don’t get voted

Drop rizz, it depend on my mood

This my pookie bear, gonna leave her roasted

goated- means to “be the GOAT”, which is shorthand for Greatest Of All Time

pookie bear – general term of endearment

The persona is saying that their discord kitten is humble, overlooked, and that the persona frequently has sex with them to the point that she can’t move(“leave her roasted”). And thank f*cking god the song ends here.

You may have realized that this is purely an analysis of Gyatt for Gyatt, but I promised to do an analysis of Silver Wolf’s Gyatt for Gyatt. How does Silver Wolf fit into all of this? Well, basically, Silver Wolf is a big gamer and definitely is up to date with TikTok slang. We can insert Silver Wolf into the “persona” role of this song quite comfortably, and she would definitely send an mp3 (or Star Rail equivalent) to her opponents after losing against them with this song embedded.

So what does it mean for Silver Wolf to be the persona of Gyatt for Gyatt? Well, it means the following:

  1. Silver Wolf has a co*ck, size debatable, and goons on a regular basis.
  2. Silver Wolf has a respectable gyatt and oozes charisma.
  3. Silver Wolf has a furry Discord kitten.

But we already knew all of that. The only new thing is that depending on your headcanon, Stelle or Firefly is now a furry. That’s it.

I have a no-gacha account on HSR, but if they cook with 2.3 (and it’s really looking like they will) I’ll break it to roll Firefly + Ruan Mei. Can’t wait, honestly.

Patch 2.3 drops on June 19th 2024 – today is June 15th, 2024. Today, I am 21.86% done with my service – 572 days to go.

A Brief Analysis of “Silver Wolf’s Gyatt for Gyatt”  (2024)


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